Do not become weary in waiting

This morning I have been thinking on Isaiah 40: 27-31, some great verses of comfort. The word 'weary' crops up 4 times.

Is 39 had finished with people waiting for judgement to come , chp 40 is projected many years further on, the people were in Babylon for 70 years waiting for God's redemption, through the prophet the voice of God boomed out a message of comfort and hope into their captivity.

The theme of God's sovereignty despite what they see around them in their circumstances is vital for us today. Is 40:1-6 sums up the second half of Isaiah, God was on the move, redemption would come, people will see God's glory! may it be so for us in our land!

At the end of the chapter we find we are in the waiting, people can get weary in waiting, like waiting for a bus or a train, you know it's on its way, you even know when, but it can still be frustrating. Waiting for a doctor can be very wearisome, you get there for 10:15 but you know there will be a long wait, How grateful we are for our health carers at present! may they be blessed and protected. I expect we will be a little more gracious with them with this crisis is over. the point is that waiting can be wearisome. The positive point is that the waiting can give greater appreciation of the fulfillment, in the meantime we shouldn't be fretting and grumbling, like I often find myself doing, but rather be humbling ourselves, focusing on the greatness of God, standing in faith.

our hope is that although we get weary God does not, he does weary in his attentiveness v27

he does weary in his strength or wisdom v28

he does weary in his grace to us v29

I suppose the message is that in the waiting we are to go deeper into him, to wait and hope in him v31, we can rise above, we can overcome, we can be victorious as we wait for our deliverance. In the meantime in the new testament Paul tells us not to become weary in doing good! Gal 6:9

so keep being positive as we wait on our sovereign Lord, meditate on who he is and what he's done, remember Easter is coming! sovereign deliverance at it's best! there is Hope

God bless your day!

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