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Easter sacrifice

There are some remarkable stories of sacrifice that we are reading every day now as people care for and support each other. In the first Easter week I have been thinking about 2 remarkable women. The first was the widow who gave of the little she had to the worship of God Mk 12:41-44; Lk 21: 1-4. We may well feel we have nothing to give, that others contributions to the life of the faithful are far more significant, but Jesus sets us right. If we sacrifice the little we have to honour God, and that may be in time or acts of kindness, as well as in material things then God is aware and receives the honour we give him. God is blessed when we sacrifice for him and its amazing to think that we can please God in the simplest of ways in how we live. The other woman is Mary of Bethany Jn 12: 1-8 is the fullest version, (although also in Matthew and Mark). She worshiped the Lord with an extravagant gift of love, perfume worth a years wages poured out over his feet! This was the event that seemed to tip Judas over the edge, but Mary was honoured by Jesus for her action. Mary seemed to understand more of what was going on than the others, she knew she couldn't change things but she could show him that she loved him.

Sacrifices both great and small, demonstrating faith, worship, submission.

King David once said 'I will not sacrifice to the Lord that which costs me nothing'

what have we got this Easter to offer? its not the amount but its the heart that comes with it. Not for show or for the adulation and respect of others, but just to say to the lord, this is it Lord, I give you what I am and have, let it be to your glory! Easter moves on! blessings John

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