The search for peace

Peace from war, peace with our neighbour, peace with God, peace within ourselves are all various ways that we think of peace.

Peace with God is a vital starting point for us all which comes as we trust Christ to save us from all our sins and, like the prodigal son, come home to a loving father who welcomes us in our repentance (or turning)

In our Bible study tonight we are thinking about Philippians 4:7, 'the peace of God which trancends all understanding will guard your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus'.

the immediate context of Phil 4 is of committing everything that concerns us to God in prayer (v6) and then follows it by thinking about good things (8-9), but the broader context is of Paul being held in prison waiting for trial and possibly the end of his life. He had learnt about the peace of God over many years of hardship and adventure.

This verse seems to imply that as a result of our prayer we receive not so much 'a Gift of peace from God' but rather 'the peace of God', in other words the peace that God himself has which is revealed in our own hearts and minds, a wonderful experience when we are in the midst of an ongoing trial or difficulty perhaps as we are in today's circumstances.

Jesus showed this peace when he was silent before his accuses when they lied about him, when he calmly challenged Pilate in his interview with him even though the Roman governor had the power of life and death over him. It is the pureness of heart and trust in God which allowed him to speak words or forgiveness and reconciliation even as he hung on the cross.

He was always calm and in control of himself, a lovely place to live from

may we know this kind of peace as we entrust ourselves to God in prayer, blessings John

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