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washing each others feet

This the day when we remember Jesus washing the disciples feet. Jn 13: 1-17. As usual they didn't get the lesson so Jesus has to spell it out. I can never get over that the Lord of Glory, the King of creation, the one who deserves all honour and praise would stoop to take the place of the servant and wash the dusty feet of his friends. Of course it was not only his friends but Judas was there too! Can you imagine washing the feet of someone who you know is about to betray you?

Yet as i read somewhere, love was the only weapon Jesus used, if that isn't enough then he will not force us to honour or love him.

I am so grateful that God is who he is. He could have been different but He is truly love, goodness, mercy and compassion. Our hope and peace rests in the fact that he is also faithful and never goes back on a promise. The challenge to be like him is a big one, I often stop and recognise the pride that exists underneath my bitterness and resentful reactions or how my ego flares in rebellion when things don't go my way. I want to stand with peter, ''Lord wash me all over, I need it!' Yet the truth is that we are already clean in his sight from the day we accepted Christ as Lord, we too just need to keep short accounts, confess our faults as in the Lord's prayer, and then go on in confidence that we are growing by his grace into the image of Jesus. Lord help me to be prepared to serve others as you do, even when they are against what we stand for. as we head towards the cross let us humble ourselves afresh for his names sake!

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